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The Delta Raiders, D 2/501, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) served in Vietnam from December 1967 till July 1972. Listed here are some of the Firebases, AOs and major operations that they were involved in during that time.

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Cu Chi

Hobo Woods

Camp Evans


Operation Jeb Stuart

PK 17

LZ Pinky (FB Pinky)

Eagle Beach (COL CO Beach)

Hill 309 (FB T-Bone)

LZ Sally

Utah Beach (Wunder Beach)

Phu Bai

Battle of Hue

Thon Phuoc Dien

Xam Thu Le

Operation Carantan II

Thon Phuoc Yen

Pho Nam

OP Apache (FB Apache)

Operation Nevada Eagle

Firebase Tomahawk

Firebase Bastogne

Firebase Birmingham

Firebase Brick

Firebase Panther II (FB Arsenal)

Operation Kentucky Jumper

Firebase Normandy

Firebase Whip

Firebase Boyde

Operation Apache Snow

A Shau Valley

Firebase Airborne

Operation Claiborn Chute

Firebase Arrow

Pohl Bridge

Operation Fulton Square

Quang Tri

Operation Randolph Glen

Firebase Charlie II

Firebase Rakkasan

Firebase Blaze

Operation Texas Star

Re-Up Hill

Firebase Gladiator

Firebase O'Reilly

Hill 805 (FB Ripcord AO)

Operation Jefferson Glen

Firebase Tennessee

Firebase Los Banos

Firebase Kerry Lou

Camp Eagle

Cam Ranh Bay

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

LZ Sally

LZ Sally

 Firebase Bastogne from Checkpoint, Jan. 1971

Spiked 105 on Firebase Ripcord (after Chinook was shot down), July 1970

Where Eagles Dare

Firebase Gladiator, May 1970

Firebase Bastogne

Mini Firebase Poker, March 1970

Firebase Charlie II (DMZ), March 1970

Phu Bai from bunker line, December 1970

Firebase O'Reilly from an LZ, June 1970

Firebase Bastogne, June 1969

Firebase Birmingham, June 1969

Firebase Tomahawk, December 1970

Firebase Brick, December 1970


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