Just A Little Walk In The Woods

  Raiders Killed in Action 


Harold L. Begody (Chief) 2/14/68

Robert Francis Brulte 2/15/68

Emanuel Fero Burroughs 2/15/68

David Manfred Cash (Johnnie) 2/15/68

Ernest Paul Holmes 2/15/68

Henry Marsial Tabet (Round Man) 2/15/68

Wade E. Thackrey Jr. 2/15/68

Clifford Chester Sims (CMH) 2/21/68

Walter Harold Anslow 3/22/68

Eulas Fay Gregory 3/23/68

Clifford Leroy Williams 3/27/68

David Frederick Wagner 4/9/68

Lawrence William Eller (G.P.) 4/10/68

Robert Earl Terrell 4/26/68

John Bernard Gingery 4/28/68

Michael Joseph Saunders (Pork Chop) 4/28/68

Michael Gillard 5/20/68

Robert David Brockman 6/15/68

James Arthur Cleveland 7/20/68

Bruce A. Marron 7/20/68

Robert Terrence Dunn 10/24/68

Arthur Williams, Jr. 12/2/68

John E. Nordell Jr. 2/5/69

Leroy Eldan Sheldon 2/24/69

Douglas John Sommer 5/23/69

Alex Esequiel Martinez 7/20/69

Jimmy Darrell Courtney 7/25/69

John Edward Kelly Jr. 7/25/69

Joe Hearne Rufty 1/29/70

Paul Gerald Guimond (Rat) 7/14/70

James Thomas Hembree Jr. 7/14/70

William Edward Jones 7/14/70

John Loy Keister (Red) 7/14/70

Terry Alan Palm 7/14/70

Keith Edward Utter 7/14/70

Gary Lee Schneider 7/15/70

David R. Beyl 7/18/70

William David Rollason (Bill) 7/18/70

Wilfred Wesley Warner 7/23/70

Jay Allen Muncey 7/28/70

Richard Lee Maynard 12/14/70

Robert J. Knickerbocker 12/25/70

Ronald Eugene Bales 4/15/71

Terry Willard Greene 4/15/71

Robert Charles Hein 4/15/71

Paul McKenzie 4/15/71

Jerry Sheldon Stearns 4/15/71

William James Ward 4/15/71

Rex Martin Daniels 4/16/71

Lee Eldrige Grimsley 4/16/71

Charles Dennis McGinnes 4/16/71

Robert Dale McKinney 6/1/71

Ralph Lee Church 6/12/71

Harry Melborn Vandiver 11/30/71

Memorial Service held during March of 1968 for Raiders lost during the previous month

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